Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills (ILS) support is designed to meet the unique needs of adults (ages 18+) with developmental disabilities. Services are approved for up to 20 hours per month based on individual goals (exceptions for more hours may be made). Autonomy is the ultimate goal of ILS, where supports are provided and then actively faded as determined by each person and their team. ILS supports are led by Assistant Program Director Liz Luviano.

All supports are community-based and focus on one or more of the following areas, based on individual goals:


  • Self-advocacy

  • Managing services

  • Transportation

  • Relationship development

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Healthy living

  • Money management

  • Communication

  • Continuing education

  • Employment, volunteerism, and internships

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Home maintenance and safety

  • Self-care

We support people in ...

  • Making choices about where and with whom to live

  • Making choices about how to live

  • Learning, practicing, and using skills that aid in living more autonomously

  • Learning, practicing, and using self-advocacy skills


Contact your Service Coordinator at Tri-Counties Regional Center to request "Independent Living Skills," and take an active part in your adult life or in the life of a loved one. If you are a member of another California Regional Center, contact your Service Coordinator to learn more. 


In addition to the above areas, we specifically support people with complex communication needs (AAC users).

Vendor # HT0747 (1:1), HT0748 (1:2), and HT0749 (1:3)

If you are an Independent Living Skills client with concerns about this program, contact the California Department of Developmental Services at​ or 916-654-1987. 

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