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Tailored Day Services

What are Tailored Day Services?

Tailored Day Services (TDS) are designed to meet the unique needs of adults (ages 18+) with developmental disabilities. Services are approved for up to 90 hours per week based on individual goals. Autonomy is the ultimate goal of TDS, where supports are provided and then actively faded as determined by each person and their team. Our TDS program is led by Assistant Program Director Chris Clark and Sara Treptow.


All services are community-based and focus on one or more of the following areas, based on individual goals:


  • Higher and/or continuing education

    • Support at the university, community college, and/or trade school level:

      • ​Registering for courses

      • Academic assistance

      • Communicating with faculty, staff, and peers

      • Accessing campus resources

      • Advocating for and accessing accommodations

    • Support in skill- and interest-based training programs

    • Development of self-management techniques

  • Employment, entrepreneurship, internship, and/or volunteerism

    • ​Job exploration and development with a focus on Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE)*

    • Volunteerism, internships, and apprenticeships

    • Self-employment

    • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Leading an inclusive and integrated life

    • ​Participating in campus life (if in school)

    • Community involvement

    • Public transportation training

  • Maximizing self-direction​

    • Learning and using self-advocacy skills

    • Directing services

    • Participating in person-centered planning and supports



In addition to the above areas, we specifically support people with complex communication needs (AAC users).


Where are Tailored Day Services available?

IGNITE TDS supports are currently vendored through the following California Regional Centers, and are also available to all adults participating in California's Self-Determination Program (SDP):


  • Eastern Los Angeles

  • Harbor

  • Kern

  • Lanterman

  • North Los Angeles County

  • South Central Los Angeles

  • Tri-Counties

  • Westside



If you are a client of another California Regional Center, contact your Service Coordinator to learn more or consider joining the California Self-Determination Program (SDP) to choose your own support providers. 

Vendor # PW7209 (1:1), PW7210 (1:2), and PW7211 (1:3)

*Once a person receiving TDS support has secured CIE, transition to a Supported Employment provider will take place.


If you are a TDS client with concerns about this program, contact the California Department of Developmental Services at or 916-654-1987. 

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