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What is the California Self-Determination Program?


"In October of 2013, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed into law the Self-Determination Program, which will provide consumers and their families with more freedom, control, and responsibility in choosing services and supports to help them meet objectives in their Individual Program Plan. Proceeding the 3-year implementation period of the SDP where the program was only available to 2,500 individuals, beginning July 1, 2021, the Self-Determination Program (SDP) will be available to all eligible regional center consumers." (California Department of Developmental Services)


How is IGNITE involved in the California Self-Determination Program?


Individualized Supports

IGNITE provides ​Tailored Day Services (TDS), Independent Living Skills (ILS), Communication Support, and Relationship and Sexuality Education to people who access traditional Regional Center funding as well as those who access SDP funding. We have had a presence in Southern California since 2013, in the Eastern Sierra since 2020, and are open to supporting people and families in other areas. All of our supports are individual and community-based.

If you have questions about what supports are right for you, reach out to Executive Director Morgan Tingey-Dias at We are happy to tailor supports that are right for you.

Person-Centered Planning

Our Person-Centered Planning team is available to lead plans throughout Southern California and in the Eastern Sierra, in English and/or Spanish, online and/or in person. A Person-Centered Planning meeting explores the unique goals and dreams of a person and culminates with both a graphic representation and a comprehensive written report with specific recommendations. Two of IGNITE's Person-Centered Planners will co-facilitate the meeting, under the guidance of the person seeking supports. Contact Executive Director Morgan Tingey-Dias at to learn more.

How can I get involved in the California Self-Determination Program?

Tell your Regional Center Service Coordinator that you would like to join the California Self-Determination Program, and they will give you more information. You can also reach out to with questions.

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