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What We Do
& How We're Unique

The IGNITE Story

In August 2013 Tina and Molly met in a coffee shop in Ventura County, both sweaty and dirty from checking in with people at summer camps, and the two immediately became colleagues and friends. They created a unique afternoon program for high school students, and from there IGNITE took flight. In 2015 the organization opened Kindling Studios in collaboration with families in Ventura County, in 2016 IGNITE began offering Tailored Day Services in Los Angeles County, and in 2019 Independent Living Skills began. Always expanding in response to community need, IGNITE has grown to support around 100 people in Southern California and the Eastern Sierra on a budget of about $1.2 million per year. The organization has always prioritized quality and its leadership prides themselves on running a company that values direct support providers.

Tina and Molly smiling at the camera, their heads close together


Tina & Molly meet 

501(c)3 established

Artist Alan raising his hand and smiling with art in the background


Kindling Studios


Bianca and Jace smiling at the camera with stadium seats behind them


Tailored Day Services


Toni and Liz smiling at the camera, with the ocean in the background


Independent Living Skills begin

What Makes IGNITE Unique

IGNITE was founded on the belief that people should be treated like people. The people we support are in charge of their services, and can hire and fire us whenever they like. We learn from self-advocates and family members rather than focusing solely on "expert" opinions - the real experts are the people we support.

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